Summer up..

Maxi dress from Shopsneakpeek  Heels from  City pulse and cuff from street market in macau

Maxi dress from Shopsneakpeek Heels from City pulse and cuff from street market in macau

Namastey ya’all!

Hope you all have been waiting eagerly for this post (or I’d really like to believe so).

Summer. Living in Rajasthan (India), we really don’t have the privilege or the option to go by the beach or just undergo some relaxing tanning sessions. However, we do have the option to dress in order to kill the heat or to sit back at home comforting in bed with laptop and home-made refreshing drinks.

Me? Well I do BOTH very skillfully (haha)

While I sat back at home (..months ago) with all the much required comfort, I came across this site called sneakpeek, its not been very long since their venture started; I must mention they are quite awesome and have a long way to go. They have some awesome collection which is very trendy these days.

This year they have come up with a new summer collection, which I recommend everyone reading this post to check out.


Dress. A part of shopsneakpeek collection. I absolutely love the colour and the silhouette of the dress. Plus, it fits me perfect.

Accessories. Golden-black hand cuff from a street market in Macau.

Ring- Customized and my favorite(mom gifted).

Heels- From city pulse. I really don’t like wearing and this is the best way I can carry them (reference-pictures).

This look is perfect for a date night or for an outing with your girlfriends (excluding the heels).

Yep. That’s all about it. What do you guys think about this dreamy-look ? Do mention in the comments (I love hearing from each one of you)

Much love

























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