Talk That Talk ft. RihannaXPuma


From listening her music all day to watching her interviews to getting inspired by her bold style, Rihanna has been a global icon for all. Needless to say that she is my all-week woman crush. Her collaboration with Puma last year, which mainly targeted to the sportswear, has got edgier than we could ever think. The clothing line, shoes and socks (yes socks!) is all inspired and designed by her, under the label Fenty (which is her last name too). Also Rihanna is the creative head for Puma and is taking Puma to another level. This collaboration comes as a blessing for everyone of us who wants to be under Rihanna’s style umbrella ela ela eh eh.. Er I meant who wants to dress like her or you know be inspired by her style.

And as my pictures suggest that my look is inspired by Riri, anyone can tell I am work work work working out of my comfort zone. Because you know when its Rihanna it has to be edgy and fresh. With my look I kept it pretty much casual and comfy, probably how Rihanna would dress when she is out and about in LA (why in LA? That’s because she owns a bed there- I told ya, been watching all her interviews).

SO this look I created was to enter the contest sponsored by Puma that not only gets you winning the competition but they have something better to offer. GUESS WHAT?!

The winner will receive Puma goodies OR gets to meet RIHANNA in New York! (yes I know it’s crazy). The best bid is you don’t have to do anything, just simply enter the competition and get most likes,khalaaas.. the next moment you will be flying to see Riri (sounds dreamy I know).

I am going to put the link below so everyone of you can simply enter the contest and get a chance to meet Riri IN PERSON (baby this is what you came for ..)

If you like my pictures follow this link and show some love <3

Get yourself work work working and shine bright like a diamond!

Hurry up!!!



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