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Hi! guys.. how did your last week go? Mine was absolutely manic and the weekend was even better. Talking about this look, as i said in my last post I am not a skirt person and not really like the idea of wearing skirts more often. I wanted to do a few blog posts with skirts and push myself. The crop top I am wearing is actually a blouse I got tailored for my farewell a year back and never got a chance to wear it again. So I thought of wearing it with this skirt and I was quite happy the way it went perfectly with the skirt.

Also, I wore my Pipa Bella daisy earings. These are actually my first buy from Pipa Bella and I was so happy with it and the packaging, I must mention, is so cute. Lastly, the sling completes my look.

Do tell me if you read or like my posts.

Lots of love to all.









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