My Jingle Things.



Hi my honey bees.. how ya’ll doing ? Do you feel the December vibes yet? I do!! I absolutely love love love December because of so many reasons. I love the whole Christmas feel and my love for winter is immense. So yeah I pretty much love this time of the year. Also I miss my school days so bad. I have done my schooling from a Missionary school and Christmas celebration in our school is just beautiful. The Christmas carols, decorated church walls, carol singing competitions… OMG!! I miss my school. Miss singing carols like that.

This time I am definitely going to visit a church and sing carols. Yes!! So now since I’ve talked much about my love for winter and for Christmas and carols obviously, we must talk about some winter-Christmas dressing. Shouldn’t we?

The look here is sort of a typical winter look. Boots are an essential in winter. They can just lift up your whole look. Knee length coats, dark colours, boots, sunglasses, beanies, PERFECT! I tried creating a look keeping in mind Christmas celebration and the ‘Oh! so cold’ weather. I went for my favorite long blue coat which has a maroon-red detailing on it and is so English (not sure how -.-) and my all time favorite black zara jeggings. I then wore my zara boots which, as I said, lifted up the the whole look jsut like that. This newΒ LavieΒ sling bag went so perfectly with the look. I thing look is pretty apt for a cold day celebration.

This look is so December-Christmas look. I really liked the way the pictures turned out. So you guys also leave in your comments about how did you like this look and what are your fashion favorites for this Christmas season.













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