Hello to everyone there. Hope everyone is doing fine. Its weekend and I am home again for sometime. I was in Mumbai for some work and also for this crazy crazy Puma DoYou event and OMG this has been one of the best events I have been to. I mean so many beautiful ladies all around, wearing the same color, having the same enthusiasm. This DoYou event was organised by Puma at the gio gardens in Mumbai. It was not like any other event. It was a huge event, like another level. We all were there to break and create a new WORLD RECORD!!!!! Sounds amazing right ? I know. It was amazing indeed.

As I said the event was about creating a record where the most number of women would hold the abdominal plank for 1 min together. Each and everyone of us had to first give a test if we can hold the plank or not and yes I passed haha.. we then had some really fun activities. Zumba was the craziest and favorite too. I just loved the zumba session. So refreshing and energizing. Also, the live band there was adding up the whole crazy environment. It was all so good. And the best part is that we were able to make the record in our First attempt!!!

We had Jacqueline, Kalki, Sakshi Malik ( Olympic Bronze¬†medalist), Malishka, Shibani, Ujjwala and many other women achievers to encourage us. Since its been only a few months I had no one to go along with and was upset over having no company at such a huge event, but guess what, I met two very amazing people there. Both not from Mumbai. We guys had a grrreat time there. The live band, zumba, Malishka’s talking, food and everything made the event super alive and awesome.

I absolutely loved the idea of spreading awareness about fitness and creating a Guinness World Record. t actually felt so good. Being a part of such a huge movement. Puma also gave us this funky tank top, a shopping voucher and most important thing to cherish is a Guinness world record certificate. Yayyy!!!  I hope you guys will get the feel through these pictures that I have put.

Lots ofLove. xox



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