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Hello folks!!! I am back with a new post ft Amante . It was such a great experience at the amante store launch at World Trade Park in Jaipur. So basically Amanté is a premium international lingerie brand, adding confidence, glamour, and sensuality to every modern woman’s wardrobe. The brand is available in Sri Lanka, India, and is now making its way to other Asian countries as well. It features a wide variety of styles and vibrant colours it is available in. The cuts, the styles, the fabrics are unique and specially designed for the modern woman. Also, wearing the right fitting lingerie is an absolute must when it comes to dressing up.

My favorite was the Moonstruck collection. This collection is so romantic and gorgeous that you won’t stop admiring it. The fabrics, the laces, the rhinestone detailing and the colours stand out and are a perfect blend of shimmer and romance. My hot picks are the Night Shimmer style in a fabulous Ink colour that comes with a delicate front hook closure and the Butterfly Kiss in a luxurious Frosted Gold colour that uses vintage lace to have butterfly wings on the bra cups. And while you’re browsing that sexy Moonstruck range, don’t miss out on smooth and seamless Enigma collection that has a range of bras and briefs made with bonded technology that leaves no visible marks or lines. Seamless lingerie is a woman’s best friend, and the Enigma collection is just the stylish friend you need! Haha.



And, do you know that 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra? Yes, that’s an actual number. Poorly fitting bras, bands that ride up too high and breasts that spill are a problem that many women face. The very first step to wearing perfectly fitting lingerie that accentuates and flatters your figure is getting fitted by a lingerie expert and wearing styles that suit your body type and outfit. Ladies, don’t forget, you can get fitted right here at amanté and shop a wide range of styles and silhouettes. A common myth with lingerie is that wearing underwired bras cause breast cancer. This is not true and is simply an old wives’ tale. Wired bras give you adequate support and lifts and holds your bust in place. amanté lingerie comes with soft underwire and 2 mm padding that leaves you comfortable all day long. There is never a one-style-fit-all bra for every.

Lingerie Essentials:

A final roundup on the lingerie essentials that I think you must have in your wardrobe:

A push-up bra

A full cover bra

A demi cup bra

A thong

A hipster brief

A seamless panty

All of these can be found in amanté’s collections right here and the two amanté must-haves I absolutely recommend are: The Multiway bra that can be worn in 6 different ways and is super stylish with the satin trim and the second is a lingerie essential that I can’t do without – the Vanish panty that is smooth and seamless and leaves no visible panty lines whatsoever! It’s perfect to wear under those figure hugging dresses and skirts.

They also some amazing Offers too: Every woman who gets fitted gets a free gift pack from amante. Get a voucher of Rs.500 free with every purchase of Rs.2,000 and more.

All this has added up to my knowledge so much. You must go to the store and see if you are wearing the right size or not. Also Amante is planning to come up with more stores in different cities.

I hope this post helped you  some way. Let me know if you found this post good.

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