A Pale Skater Story.


Dress- Old Collar- Tailored Bag- Hong Kong Heels- Lifestyle Stores


Hellow loves!! How are your Diwali preparations going ?? Diwali and wedding season is round the corner and I cant tell you how exited I am. Though, I have my exams in January and I am still left with so much to study. You might already know that I am from Jaipur, city of festivals, we enjoy each and every festival to the fullest with all pomp and show haha…

Anyway, talking about this look; I rarely wear dresses and this is my first post where I am wearing one. I think dresses are not for me and I sort of look better in other outfits. I did this shoot because my mom has been insisting me to do a shoot in a dress. Also I have a few friends who constantly keep telling me that I can definitely rock a dress ( lol ). I have done a few shoots earlier where I wore a dress and tried different looks but the pictures didn’t turn out good and couldn’t make it to the blog.

So here I am wearing a plain pale yellow skater dress with a collar accessory (my fav thing). My dad bought me this dress last year and I never had a chance to wear it. The whole look turned out so good that I am planning to wear it more often maybe. These new pair of wedges went seamlessly with my outfit and the sling was all that was required to complete the look and I was good to go.

I am planning to a second look with this dress and will share the pictures son, till then leave your comments about this look.

Happy Navratri.
















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