Coordinating corporate!!



Hello my beautiful people!! I am back with a new post and since I am super tired and sleepy I am going to keep it short. So I did this shoot last week when winter had just arrived in our city. I wore a turtle neck light brown top which is sleeve less so that I don’t sweat because of too much layering and a semi-woolen jacket which I had bought last year but haven’t yet worn it other wise. I also wore my new zara boots which are my current favorite, and let me just tell you in advance that you are going to spot these far too many times.. haha, and my zara jeggings. My favorite tan bag just complemented the whole look and I was good to go.

This look is a corporate sort of look but can be donned while running errands too. So yeah this pretty much summed up the whole look. I hope you  guys are having an awesome weekend.

So let me know if you like this post.

Love to all.













  1. Thank You Deepika for this post, You are probably the cutest blogger of India.
    I was searching for a great professional look and got a great idea from your post.
    I just wanna ask you that which camera do you use for your amazing pics??
    Thank You again…… :-)

    • Hi Aisha! Thank you so much love. Your appreciation means a lot to me.Thank you :)
      I use a Nikon camera. Nikon D3500. Ans thanks again. So happy that my blog was of some help to you.
      Lots of love to you. <3

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