Pink Please.



Hello my lovelies.. how have you guys been ? I am keeping a little too busy with studies and some personal stuff and hardly getting any time to post though I’ve been shooting quite frequently and will soon be posting those pictures. So if you happen to follow me on instagram I posted a picture in this outfit quite a while back and so it obviously means that I shot it a while back.

Skirt is something, I feel, doesn’t suits me at all and Iam a complete jean-t-shirt kinds person. I feel best when wearing a loose pant or may a joggers and no make-up obviously! But yess, I ABSOLUTELY love getting all dolled up for shoots and wear pieces which I wouldn’t have worn otherwise. Also these pleated skirt is quite a trend these days. The black crop top compliments the skirt and its colour well and adding some gold baubles never went wrong haha..

Do leave your comments if you read my blog and like it or if you think there is anything I need to work upon.

Love to all xx












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